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About Us

Welcome to Beautypolis - Your online beauty destination.

The way a person looks, significantly affects the way he/she feels about themselves.This is a fact that successful beauty product creators, designers, service providers, professionals and retailers understand very well. Today, there are more than 50,000 beauty products by almost 4,000 brands being marketed and sold in the world, with thousands of new products being launched every year.

These marketers spend billions, every year in advertisement costs which are spread out over the mass media & internet with no definitive target.  That's where we come in....

As "Google provides a solution for every search, Beautypolis provides defined targeted information & services for every search on beauty"

People are overloaded with conflicting and non essential product information and advertising! Each product is jostling each other for attention out there.Until now, there was no one place to filter and showcase quality premium information, services, reviews and opinions on the premium quality product & services offline and online. What will work for you? What won't? Why? And, most importantly, how? How do I get the results I am looking for? Clearly, beauty advice needs a makeover!

Beautypolis' commitment to this purpose starts with having stringent quality checks on the process of product reviews and are never influenced by manufacturers, advertisers or partners. Beautypolis.com is founded on a firm conviction that an honest, opinionated review is the only way to serve our users. We house the first and largest unbiased product review directory through our bloggers and through reputed make up experts and bloggers, spanning the top well-known names in the global beauty. We start at your local beauty store and end at the most exclusive boutiques. We offer you the facility to totally personalize product recommendations to match your needs and preferences.

Beautypolis, is a unique platform, where one can find every element of their  beauty needs & requirements,  a destination for each and every beauty professional and enthusiast alike. It is the first of its kind 'edu-tainment' portal at your fingertips.

What you can find on BeautyPolis?
*Tips & Tricks on Styling and Make up- Video and Articles by Professionals
*Technical Demonstrations- Video and Articles by Professionals
*Technical Training- Video and Articles by Brands
*Professional Guidance- Video and Articles by Professional
*Grooming - Video and Articles by Professional
*Blogs- Guest Bloggers and Beauty advisors
*New Products news and reviews- Video and Articles 
*Directories- Brands/Salons/Spas/Stylists
*Product- Deals, Offers and Schemes
*Products- E-Store
*Media-E-Magazines & Subscriptions
*Events- Tickets and Passes
and much much more..."


Beautypolis.com, is the brainchild of Aashish Rego, the CEO/Managing Director, who comes with a vast experience in the beauty & media businesss and  is blessed with a foresight of using technology to help the business grow with an observance of building business with success and growth, Beautypolis is also managed by Allen John who heads as the Global COO of Beautypolis and hails with over a decade's experience in the beauty industry with tremendous influence in marketing, branding and development in beauty globally.
We look forward to the challenge of building a synergy of facilitating everyone involved in the beauty business through Beautypolis.